It was second nature. Applying our expertise and innovative thinking to drumsticks just made sense. We already offered the most complete array of sounds and tonal colors from which to find your distinct voice. To get the most out of them we created the right extension of your hands – Zildjian Drumsticks. It’s been a perfect fit for nearly 30 years. 

Cymbals and sticks are personal and emotional. They're the tools that help you communicate what you feel inside and define your playing style. If you haven’t checked out Zildjian Sticks lately, here are five innovative models you should try right now to get the best sounds from your cymbals and drums.


Heavy Super 5A


By now you (hopefully) know about the Super 5A! If not, let's get up to speed: The Super 5A is not only longer than the 5A, it's also thicker! Clocking in at 0.585" in diameter, this is a great choice for the drummer looking for something between a 5A and a 5B.

Got it? Good. So what's with the "Heavy" Super 5A? Two words: Laminated Birch. Laminated Birch is made from compressed plies of birch and resin, creating an even more heavy, consistent and durable stick. The hardness of the birch also allows for brighter cymbal and cross-stick sounds.

Length= 16”, Diameter=.560”

9 Gauge


The Zildjian 9 Gauge is one of the most evenly balanced sticks in the Zildjian catalog. And at 0.563” in diameter, it's right in the wheelhouse of the world’s most played drumstick sizes.

Straight out of the Gauge Series, the ZG9 features all of the qualities that the rest of the Gauge Series is known for – including a great fusion tip which reduces surface area for a more precise and bright cymbal sound.

Length= 16”, Diameter=.563”

Ronnie Vannucci Artist Series Drumstick



Ronnie's stick is an absolute Killer. When You Were Young and you wanted to play super fast, you probably grabbed the smallest stick you could find, right? I remember the first time Somebody Told Me about maple drumsticks. For Reasons Unknown, I hadn't tried them before. That's just The Way It Was.


Ronnie's Artist Series model is a powerhouse of a stick that’s also highly maneuverable and musical. Maple allows for the stick to be a much larger diameter for huge playing without adding overall weight. A large barrel tip in maple creates warm, washy and broad cymbal tones.

Length= 16.5”, Diameter=.610”

Thomas Pridgen Artist Series Drumstick

ASTP_Thomas Pridgen.jpg

Thomas' stick is as bold as he is! For those looking to really stand out and play through the drums, this is definitely one to check out. Extra overall length combined with a short taper creates a super aggressive balance. All of this comes together to create a stick that plays big without being oversized. In fact, it's right between a 5A and a 5B.

Length= 16.5”, Diameter=.590”



Anti-Vibe is a creation only Zildjian could come up with. If you play electronic drums or tend to have wrist or arm fatigue, these are worth a look. 

There are 4 models to choose from with wood and nylon tip variations. A rubber insert in the butt end reduces stick vibrations every time the stick strikes a surface. They are great for hard surfaces (like e-drums and trigger pads), and popular for people who have wrist and arm fatigue.

7A Wood & Nylon: Length= 15.5”, Diameter=.520”
5A Wood & Nylon: Length= 16”, Diameter=.525”
5B Wood & Nylon: Length= 16”, Diameter=.600”
Trigger: Length= 16”, Diameter=.590”

At the end of the day, we know what matters most is that the stick feels right, sounds right and reflects your individual style. Powered by the world’s most experienced company in the drumming industry, Zildjian Drumsticks are created for and played by some of the most forward-thinking musicians on the scene today. Including you.

Head down to your favorite dealer and test drive them yourself. When the stick is right, and the cymbal is right, the artistic possibilities are unlimited.


Free Minus Drum Track from Zildjian Artist Kaz Rodriguez!

Free Minus Drums Track from Kaz and Zildjian

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