AnnMarie Sanfilippo

AnnMarie started as a Sales Assistant at the Zildjian West office in 1987 and soon after moved into Artist Relations. In 1995 she was transferred to Zildjian Headquarters to begin an Education Program, and over the years has worked as Website Administrator, Creative Manager, Social Media / Content Manager...pretty much every department except Finance...because she can't do math.

Posts By AnnMarie Sanfilippo

Matt Greiner: My First Zildjian Clinic T...

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     28, Mar 2018

Cooling Down - Four Stretches To Do Afte...

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     14, Feb 2018

The Most Popular Cymbals in the World......

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     17, Jan 2018

Videos We Loved in 2017

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     29, Dec 2017

Staff Picks: Favorite Buddy Rich Videos

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     30, Sep 2017

5 Drumstick Models You Should Try Right ...

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     03, May 2017

Celebrating Armand Zildjian's Birthday

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     18, Feb 2017

Zildjian at the 2017 Grammy Awards

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     15, Feb 2017

New Cymbals & Drumsticks for 2017!

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     26, Jan 2017

15 Essential Tips for Getting More Work

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     09, Jan 2017

Cymbal Shopping Tips from Zildjian Exper...

AnnMarie Sanfilippo   |     13, Dec 2016

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