We hope you were able to follow along during the month of #Stacktober where we showcased 31 different stack combinations to inspire your creativity. Special thanks to the amazing Thomas Pridgen for being our host stack master.

To wrap up this series, we want to highlight the Top 5 Stacks liked by you! With hundreds of thousands of views, comments, and shares across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, here are the combinations you got the most excited about!

Day 3:

Day 24:

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 15:


 The #zStacks Stacking Gallery: 

We  want to thank everyone who uploaded their zStack photos and videos to our gallery. The #Zstack gallery will remain live on Zildjian.com to inspire more creativity and to help you get the most out of your cymbals.

Don't forget, if you’ve have a stack you want to show off, just upload it here directly or post it to Instagram or Twitter using @zildjiancompany and #zStack to be included.

Below are a few of our favs from the #Zstacks Gallery. For hundreds more, you can see and hear them here!

stack blog 8.jpg

20" Vintage Zildjian Sweet Ride with an 18" Zildjian A Ride, 16" Zildjian A Medium crash, topped with an 8" Zildjian ZBT Plus Splash

stack blog 6.jpg

 10" FX Spiral Stacker over a 14" FX Trashformer

stack blog 9.jpg

16" S Family Trash Crash over a 16" Oriental China Trash

stack blog 5.jpg

10" K Custom Dark Splash over a 18" K EFX over a 20" Crash of Doom

stack blog 1.jpg

8" Trashformer on a 10" A Custom EFX

Finally, if you missed any of the daily #stacktober videos, you can catch up in no time, right here….right now! Just watch these Weekly Recaps!

Week 1:

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:




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